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Want to be a Supporter?

VTC Partnership

Choose the OCSC Event partnership and benefit from exclusive advantages on our community and our various Convoys / Mega Convoys.

Open Contact us here:

Community Partnership

You are a gaming community linked to ETS2 or TruckersMP and wish to work in cooperation with OCSC Event?

Open Contact us here:

Being a Supporter of OCSC Event means opting for a serious and committed relationship.
We are therefore looking for reliable Supporters, having for values, trust and respect.

Conditions to become Supporter & information

Why becoming a partner of OCSC Event?

By choosing to join the OCSC Event Partner Program, you are choosing to be supported by our community through our events, your supervisions and our discord community.

The aim is to give you better visibility by offering you some important advantages. We would also like to let you know that certain conditions must be respected and that they will be followed by our Community Management so that our partners feel accompanied and helped.

What are the Conditions & Advantages ?


• Having at least 20 members on your VTC Page on TMP.
• Demonstrate seriousness and professionalism during supervisions managed by OCSC Event.
• Make an effort to participate in the monthly OCSC Event convoys.
(no obligation to participate)
• To have good communication with our management on all points.
• Follow the channels 📢・announcement & 📢・official-events from our OCSC discord server on your respective discord in a public channel.
• Have at Least 1 Staff & 5 Drivers of your VTC in our OCSC Event Official Discord.
• Publication of the OCSC Event Logo on your website or TMP VTC Page (if you dont have any website).



OCSC Event Website
• Publication of your logo and all your social links on our website (TMP Page, Trucksbook, Website, Instagram, Twitter) & a small description (implementation in progress).
• Publication of your OCSC Supervisions on our website, page convoys directly when the request was made. (for the others VTCs, it's only 1 month before)

OCSC Event discord
• Publication of your events supervised by OCSC Event, in the channel 📢・official-events of our Official discord server.
• Publication of your events supervised by OCSC Event, as an event at the top of our server.
• OCSC Event will subscribe to your main announcement channel, which will be redirected to the 📢・vtc-news
• Possibility to book your slots on the monthlys OCSC Event, 1 month before the community.
• Partners role to all of your members.
• Publication of your Anniversary VTC on the OCSC Event discord in a private channel 3 months in advance.
• Access to somes channels with our management, and the possibility to propose your suggestions / ideas for the OCSC Event project
Channels : 🔐・suggestions, 🔐・partners-chat, 🔐・contact-us

OCSC Backstage discord
• Access to our "OCSC Backstage" discord where you'll have your own VTC Roles, possibility to publish all your events.
• Advantages of server event supervisions.
• "Clear" supervision advantages to have after those 2 definite one :
- OCSC Event let you the choice of the Truck using for Blocking.
(Into our Profile Already Made)
- OCSC Event can make 1 exception per month about a date change.

Supporters Communities are exempt from all these conditions.