Recruitment - Media Team

Open until 15 Jul 12:00 UTC

Recruitment #4 - Apply for Media Team


OCSC Event is constantly recruiting new talent for its team !
Don't hesitate to take part in this great adventure !

"To apply for an OCSC Event position, nothing could be easier !"

Global requirements :
• MAP DLCs are mandatory for somes positions
• You have to speak and understand the english language basically
• You must have at least 14 years old to join the OCSC Event staff. (can be more for somes positions)
• Motivation is key, explain clearly why our organisation might need you and what you can bring to the table during our interview and in your application

All staff positions consist of a 2 month training period, during which you will be assisted in your integration into your new position by our CC Examiners, or Managers.

After this period, you will officially become an OCSC Event staff, and may eventually join the OCSC Event management, if a place is available.

Do you have a creative mind? Do you like to share beautiful photos with the community?
Do you know how to make creations through software? Then become a Media Team for OCSC Event !

Basic requirements :
• All the DLCs maps and Promods are not mandatory, but it's preferably
• You have to prove a good quality of your game
• The use of creative or editing software is a plus in your application
• No previous history with TruckersMP
(no bans less than 3 months old, if you have been banned before, we would like to know the reason)
• You can choose to become a Media Team (In-game) or a Designer Team (Embeds creation or Edition)

Minimum: 200 | 0 / 5000
0 / 200
Minimum: 200 | 0 / 5000
0 / 200
0 / 200
0 / 200
0 / 200