Convoy Rules

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CONVOY RULES during our VTC Supervisions

Just like TruckersMP, we have defined a number of rules to be respected on the OCSC Event convoys, but also suggestions to allow you to fully enjoy our convoys, in a good mood.

Because we supervise many VTCs, we appreciate from all of them, a respect of the rules defined below for the comfort of all, but also of our staff.
You will find below different categories and their rules that we would like you to respect, also to allow our team a perfect supervision.

1. Attendance :

1.1 • Please arrive at the Meeting point 1 hour to 30 minutes, before our Official departure !
1.2 • Don't forget to vote your presence on the TruckersMP Event page !

In case of a server event, please note that you will not be allowed to reach your respective parking (even in case of slots) in the last 10 minutes before the start, due to road blocking.

2. Parking :

2.1 • No truck should block a parked vehicle !
2.2 • If our parking is in NCZ, please do attention with the others members present in the same zone.

Please respect the different slots and park only in the defined areas or in the public slot that our team will relay to you.

3. In convoy :

Our OCSC monthly departures take place at :

• 6.00pm UTC (Summer Time) / 7.00pm UTC (Winter time) or 1.00pm UTC (ST) / 2.00pm UTC (WT)
• In Simulation 1 or Promods.

3.1 • An order will be defined before the departure of the convoy, please respect it until the end.
3.2 • Overtaking in convoys is not tolerated !
3.3 • Please respect the safety distances of 100 meters between each vehicle, to avoid any lags or collisions with the truck in front of you.
3.4 • The speed relayed by the Convoy Control Team, is ALWAYS that of the convoy head speed.
3.5 • If the convoy stops, for any reason, please switch on your hazard lights.

4. Cargo :

4.1 • Please MANDATORY bring a trailer to the Events.
4.2 • Triple trailers (except for special events), solo truck and cars are not allowed on our events.
4.3 • Heavy loads are not tolerated on our events (except for special events).

In case of a server event, be sure to take into account the temporary event rules which may prohibit you from using certain cargo.

5. Information in game text :

Somes text announcements will always be made 15-30 minutes before departure, in the order of placement and safety rules, in English ONLY.

5.1 • Thank you for following the OCSC Staff information, retransmitted in Textual by our CC Team.

6. Punishment for non-compliance with the rules :

In case of non respect of the rules of convoys, the management reserves the right to exclude you temporarily or definitively from the OCSC Event discord server.
Our convoys are recorded in order to keep all evidence of the members concerned by our prohibitions, in case of possible report.

We may also work in cooperation with TruckersMP Game Moderators during our supervisions, so we suggest that you make sure you follow the rules to avoid any reports or bans.

TruckersMP Rules :

Because respect is essential, we ask you not to make any reports against any of our convoy drivers, when the situation does not concern you directly.
In the best of cases, contact the people concerned before making a report.