Become a Convoy Control !

Posted by Antho (Project Founder) 22 Aug 12:44

What is the role of a Convoy Control at OCSC Event?

The position of the Convoy Control has been defined at OCSC Event, as the staff in charge of helping the supervision of convoys in event server (and in rare cases in public server), in order to indicate the right route to be followed by the convoy participants.

The minimum and important requirements for this position are the following :
• Minimum 100 hours of play on Euro Truck Simulator 2 & / or American Truck Simulator.
• Be able to understand basic English and have a headset phone.

The missions of a convoy control truck can be the following :
• Helping to supervise the convoys on event server
• Helping to supervise the convoys on public server


• Helping to supervise the convoys on event server :

During an event server supervision, we have (as event supervisor) temporary rules especially for our staff.
Also, we have the authorization by TruckersMP, to block roads by means of saves previously prepared by our Event Supervisor, with vehicles or trailers.
However, we are not allowed to move these. As you can see, in this case, our Convoy Control are in a static position all along the convoy on different intersections, and transmit in the game, route information (like the example below)

• Helping to supervise the convoys on public server :

In this case, our Convoy Control will receive a game profile to install in their ETS2 folder directly on their PC, and will have to load a save that will allow them to drive directly in the convoy between the participating VTCs, by means of a trailer truck.
This supervision is done while driving, respecting the rules of TruckersMP and OCSC Event convoys.

The evolutions of this position :

By integrating this position, like all the others, you will be in training for 2 months.
During this period, our Event Managers/Event Supervisors, will help you to understand our supervisions.
After this period, you will be able to progress to the position of CC Car (if you wish to participate as CC Lead, Co-Lead or CC Tail).

In conclusion, even if you don't have much or no experience in supervising events, you can join this position which has very few requirements.
It is not required to speak English but to join our voice room to listen the information from our Managers, so this is the easiest position to join. Don't hesitate to make your application by clicking HERE !

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