October Newsletter

Posted by VeDoxe (Community Manager) 10 Oct 16:52

Thank you for coming to our 4th anniversary!

Our staff would like to thank you for your presence on our 4-year OCSC convoy, we were numerous and many of our partners were also present, former members and our community, we would like to thank you for still allowing us to be there. I would also like to thank Sunrise Events for supervising our convoy.
You can also see our 4 years OCSC photos on our instagram page by following this link:
Post 1. Post 2. Post 3.

OCSC Event: Recruitment...

OCSC Event is recruiting! Don't hesitate to apply on our website for the event team and event supervisor sections. For us these two sections are important in the work of supervising and managing convoys so by joining us, you will benefit from many advantages. To find out more, visit our website.

Link redirection to our different recruitment :
Event Team Recruitment
Event Supervisor

October Picture of the Month

On October month,
The theme of the month has been chosen by our staff on «Pink October».
The importance of taking a photo of the month in ETS2 or other games to raise awareness of breast cancer month.
October is breast cancer awareness month, a disease that affects millions of women around the world. To support this cause, ETS or other games players are invited to take photos decorated in pink, the color symbol of the fight against breast cancer. These photos should be posted in our channel on discord, to show the solidarity of our community. The photo of the month of October is therefore a fun and original way to raise awareness of an important cause, while having fun with your favorite game.

Our Instagram page.
Our X (Twitter) page.

Thanks to VTC for their request for supervision in September

It was an honor for us to work with these outstanding VTCs and to help ensure the success of their convoys. We understand the importance of trust when it comes to convoy supervision, and we are grateful for the confidence that Nexon Logistics, Movezen Logistics, Digital Cargo, Next Generation Trucking, Anonymous Truck placed in us.

We were impressed by the level of professionalism and dedication shown by each of these VTCs throughout the entire month of September. We believe that it's this kind of teamwork and commitment that makes the virtual trucking community so special.

We look forward to continuing our work with these VTCs in the future and to forming new partnerships with other groups as well. At the end of the day, we're all part of the same community, and we're all working together to make it a better and more enjoyable place for everyone.

Staff updates / Promotions

New Convoy Control :

  • blackice0829, subash ghimire, PΛLΛ, Liquitz

New Designer Team :

  • Sniffer 37


  • Designer Team : Mr. K

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