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In our last newsletter, we told you we were going to do an article on our partners' testimonials, and well!
Here it is

Global Trucking partner since 29 January 2023

Since we partnered with OCSC 18 months ago, we have built trust with one another at important meetups like monthly convoys and anniversary celebrations.
It gives me great pleasure to write a testimonial regarding OCSC Supervisions, and I have enjoyed every convoy supervised by OCSC. We have no plans to discontinue a partnership, and as they have a professional team, we will keep requesting their supervision for the long term.

Even though we are a relaxed VTC, our aim is still high in the professional VTC community, and by becoming partners and adding OCSC and their professionalism, GT feels we are getting that. Bad supervision throughout convoys is extremely negative for a VTC (within and externally), but Global Trucking can only praise OCSC for all the efforts they have made for us.

I didn't want to go through too many explanations on key points we have found excellent, but sure, most CEOs, co-owners, and managers can relate.

Key Points  

  • While requesting OCSC Supervision, the procedure is easy and easily navigated. (Which we book after checking their schedule of booked events taking place.)    
  • Communication throughout supervision is superb, if you have questions, you will always get a responsive answer.  
  • OCSC Supervision always departs on time, however large our events.
  • Leaving orders are quick and clearly messaged for the departure of VTCs.  
  • Road blockages on event servers are well organized throughout the designated route and clearly visible.
  • Directional messages and lead speed messages are always clear.

by GT Pete

Star Logistics partner since 29 January 2023

We decided to become partners with OCSC because we knew OCSC was a big CC group with lots of experience and we wanted the best group for our convoys so we would get the best out of them.

Having OCSC supervise our events we have had amazing convoys since OCSC are well organised and everyone knows what they are doing.

OCSC support is amazing everyone is friendly and help people when needed.

I belive that being partners with OCSC has helped Star Logistics be where we are today and has helped OCSC too because people from Star Logistics have applied for OCSC positions and some people have applied for Star Logistics via OCSC.

by Chewy.

Shepard Logistics partner since 03 February 2023

At VTC, we love OCSC for one reason and one reason only. OCSC provides the best conveyance without the event server/simulation server distinction. They provided the best service of any CC team in 2020–2023. That's why we trust and partner with OCSC.

Thank you for always providing good service.

by Mr K.

Roadrunner Transporte partner since 03 February 2023

Hello ETS community...

A few years ago, we found our way to ETS2. We drove together in multiplayer and had fun with our drivers. But that became too little for us at some point. We wanted to drive convoys with other companies.... not one or 2 companies, but several. So we started to drive convoys and organize them ourselves.

But how do we get all these people in a targeted and orderly manner in one direction? Right away, we looked for a protection company or a convoy company. We tried out several security companies.

In the end, OCSC, with its complete concept, should be the best alternative for us. Large team, individual route and convoy planning, support from start to finish, good communication and always up for a joke. That's exactly what we were looking for and found.  

We are happy to have found a very good partner here, with whom we will plan and organize further convoys together.  

Thank you, and here's to many more months in ETS2.  

by Hurrican.

Indian Truckers partner since 11 July 2023

Working with the OCSC team has been an absolute game-changer for our convoy operations. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication to ensuring the safety and efficiency of our convoy movements are truly commendable. From planning routes to coordinating communication among team members, they have consistently demonstrated a high level of expertise.

by Insanodeath.

Nexon Logistics partner since 12 June 2023

"OCSC Event has consistently delivered top-notch convoy supervision for all Nexon Logistics Events. Their control, professionalism, and excellent communication set them apart as the best out there. We've entrusted them with numerous convoys, including our anniversary event, and their flawless execution has been commendable."

by FaizurRahman.

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