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Posted by VeDoxe (Community Manager) 27 Sep 15:12
Mileage Riot partner since 05 February 2023

At the moment, we are the only Russian-speaking verified VTC on the TruckersMP project, and we are also the only Russian VTC as partners on the OCSC project. And when we found out about your project and what you do, we decided that you would be a perfect addition to our VTC. You have a great team, a top-quality organization and great feedback from you. You are always helpful, and sometimes even more than necessary. We at the VTC would like to thank the entire OCSC team for their hard work and success. We would like to wish you further development in this direction and to be even stronger and better!

by Shazochnick.

VTC Auf Achse partner since 10 February 2023

We as VTC "Auf Achse" have chosen to become a Partner of OCSC Event, because we believe that we can always get the best possible service. Professionalism and seriousness is our top priority, that's why some of our Community Memeber has decided to become a part of the OCSC Event Team or even help out as an external Convoy Control to ensure this at all times. OCSC Event is also a trustful partner for our own convoys, so that we can enjoy our events as well as all other events that are supervised by OCSC Event.

by JuliaWlbk.

Anonymous Truckers ITA partner since 18 February 2023

We discovered the OCSC Event when we were in our old VTC four years ago. Three years ago, we created Anonymous Truckers ITA, and we immediately decided to keep in touch with OCSC Event to start a collaboration that is still active today. In Italy, there are very few VTCs that have the aim of organizing convoys, and the OCSC Event was fundamental for us to discover a new way to play and meet new players from all over the world. Being partners with OCSC Event allows us to participate in numerous well-organized convoys and events at different times of the day, moreover, we have the possibility to request the supervision of our convoys. This helps us in the organization of the event and ensures excellent management of the event (also solving our communication problems with foreign languages). Finally, being a partner of OCSC Event allows us to show our VTC and our events to other players around the world and, at the same time, allows us to meet new companies to join their events. Thanks to the OCSC Partner system we became part of a beautiful community with many opportunities that we would never have found in our country.

by custa2001.

TeamNeon partner since 29 March 2023

To be honest, there is no particular reason why we decided to partner with OCSC Event. I happened to meet Antho in-game during a convoy, and we proceeded with the convoy schedule on each 1st & 3rd Sunday together. After working on several schedules together, I received an offer to form a partnership, and I accepted the offer and became a partner with OCSC Event.

by Cold.

Transportes CAM CR partner since 23 April 2023

Our experience at OCSC has been incredible, a great team, a family atmosphere and great support. To think that a Latin company has the partnership of this great team is wonderful. Thanks to the help they have given us when it comes to supporting our events, we have managed to attract more participants and expand our community. Communication is always fluid and shows how important it is for the whole team, we hope in the same way to always support the community and give the best of Transportes CAM CR.

by Mozartzuxu.

Team Transport FR partner since 31 May 2023

If the TTFR has signed a partnership with the OCSC Event, it's because we've been working together since 2020. We chose the OCSC Event as our partner because the OCSC supervised the convoys of our partner Anonymous Truckers ITA and other friendly team convoys. Our founder appreciated that the team could speak in English and French. Also, OCSC is one of the leaders in convoy supervision, which ensured we had a serious team. What's more, the French community was deplorable in 2021, which reinforced our choice of OCSC. Our 3-year, 4-year, 5-year and monthly convoys were supervised by OCSC Event.

by Chaturno.

Next Generation Trucking partner since 04 June 2023

We feel OCSC are such a great CC group community that we know we can always rely on! The professionalism and passion OCSC shows at every single event is unlike any other CC Group, and each event you guys to control will put us at ease as we know we are in safe hands!

The way OCSC controls each event is in very high detail, leaving no road unblocked, and they control events from small events with 10–15 people to events with over 200 people! They really can do anything! We want to thank them for all the support!

by Mr Swift.

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