OCSC Event is hiring !

Posted by Antho (Project Founder) 05 Sep 11:15

OCSC Event is Hiring new talents !

At the start of the new school year in September 2023, we'd like to let you know about the recruitment opportunities currently available in our community and CC Organisation OCSC Event !

You can currently join the following positions :

  • Event Team
  • Convoy Control
  • Event Supervisor
  • Media / Designer Team

Please note that you can also be part of a VTC and join us at the same time, as OCSC Event is not a VTC.
In order to be totally transparent with you, we would like to inform you that certain positions have quotas.
However, we always adapt with each staff, taking into account their needs, and their IRL side which comes first.


Event Team:

The aim of this position is to create the next OCSC Event monthlys and some convoys in cooperation with one of our partners.
The objective is to create 2 events per month.
To join this position, you don't have to be a CC, but you do have to own all the maps DLCs. (Promods isn't mandatory, as our events don't take place there).
You will also be responsible for communicating in written English with convoy organisers who have requested OCSC Event services.
For more informations, please read the article on the Event Team position here.

Convoy Control :

This position aims to control the supervisons managed by OCSC Event, in event server or public server, by means of a truck or a Pilot car.
A quota of 2 convoys per month will be required, but this can be adapted according to your difficulties (timezone, IRL ...)
You may be asked to lead or tail the convoy.
Knowledge of written and spoken English may be required.
For more informations, please read the article on the Convoy Control position here.

Event Supervisor:

The purpose of this position is to create game profiles, used for supervisions managed by OCSC Event.
Using a game profile created by our Event Managers, you will be responsible for creating in-game saves to ensure that server event routes are blocked. When the convoys take place on a public server, the process is much simpler and quicker.
You may also be required to manage the CC team during supervisions.
You will need to be fluent in written and spoken English.
For more informations, please read the article on the Event Supervisor position here.

Media / Designer Team:

When applying for this position, you can choose between 2 positions :

  • Media Team
    The purpose of this position is to take photos or videos during supervisions managed by OCSC Event. A quota of 2 supervisions per month will be required.
    You must also tell us about your graphic skills when you apply. You don't need to know how to make videos.
  • Designer Team
    This position aims to create embeds for future announcements made by OCSC Event, or the publication of new banners for discord, our social networks, our events page...
    It is highly recommended to have graphic design skills on photo editing software such as Photoshop for example.

So don't hesitate to apply for one of the positions currently open on OCSC Event, and join a team open to all types of profiles, whether you're young or old, whatever your nationality...

There are plenty of opportunities to progress within our team, even into management positions.
If you're motivated and want to join a supportive community with a wealth of experience since 2019, don't hesitate to apply !

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