Become an Event Team !

Posted by Antho (Project Founder) 22 Aug 13:19

What is the role of the Event Team?

The position of Event Team has been defined in our organisation as the staff in charge of organizing the convoy supervisions by communicating with the organizers/leaders of the VTCs that have asked the OCSC Event services.
This position requires a certain rigour and organisation in terms of respecting the internal rules of the OCSC Event supervisions.

The minimum and important requirements for this position are the following:
• Be able to speak and understand English by text
• Be organised and communicative

The missions of the Event Team are the following:
• Written communication in English with the various contacts
• Exchanging information with the Event Supervisors or Managers
• Organisation of events created for OCSC Event

• Written communication in English with the various contacts
This function is one of the main tasks of the Event Team.
For each supervision created, we invite the VTC leaders to a private channel discord, where we discuss with them the various elements put in place by OCSC Event to ensure the perfect organisation of their event.
You must therefore ensure that the Convoy Organisers who have contacted us provide you with all the information necessary for our team to be able to respond correctly to the expectations of our collaborators. This is done by means of sheets used by OCSC Event containing numerous questions, but you must ensure that nothing is forgotten.

• Exchanging information with the Event Supervisors or Managers
Each of our staff has their own well-defined missions, so it's important that we're all aware of the importance of good communication within a team, to ensure that it performs in the best possible way.
So, to avoid wasting a lot of time, each of us has a duty to pass on the right information to our colleagues within a predefined timeframe, and using the means available to us on discord, such as pinned messages, special channels, etc, etc.

• Organisation of events created for OCSC Event
You will also sometimes create events for OCSC Event.
These could be weekly convoys, or monthly convoys requiring greater concentration, given the number of drivers expected.
The aim here is to ensure that the participants in the convoy have a pleasant environment, by providing them with the best elements, such as an attractive route, adequate parking and a safe and secure environment.

The evolutions of this position :

Initially, the Event Team is in training for 2 months. During this period, you will be accompanied by our Event Managers who will help you, showing you how to communicate good with the VTCs Leaders if you need it, while respecting the internal OCSC Event rules.
After this period, you can then ask to become a Event Supervisor (in charge of managing the game profiles and CC Team).

Even if you don't have any experience in the world of events, you can still try your luck, because don't forget that what we're looking for people who are willing to invest themselves and who are motivated. As you can see, we accompany our new staffs, so that they feel as much as possible in good conditions.

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