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Posted by Antho (Project Founder) 22 Aug 12:47

What is the role of the Event Supervisor?

The position of Event Supervisor has been defined in our organisation as the staff in charge of preparing the convoys planned in server events, or in rare cases in public servers gathering a very large number of participants.
This position requires a certain rigour and professionalism in the creation of game profiles which will then be transmitted and used by our CC Trucks in charge of supervising the convoy.

The minimum and important requirements for this position are the following:
• Be able to speak and understand English vocally
• Be organised and methodical

The missions of the Event Supervisor are the following:
• Creation of game profiles used for the supervision of the convoys
• Editing of spreadsheets used as a support tool during supervision
• Discussion with the convoy organisers and our Event Managers

• Creation of game profiles

Each important supervision requires a lot of work before the convoy. This is characterised by the creation of a game profile, containing the different vehicles and trailers used by OCSC Event for route blocking in event servers.
Following the TruckersMP rules and the temporary event server rules, our event organizers have the task to place their trucks and trailers at each intersection where the convoy will pass, in order to indicate the right route to follow. They therefore carry out saves along the entire route. This preparation is usually done one week before the official convoy on the Arcade server.

• The creation of the spreadsheet

The spreadsheet is in fact an excel sheet created on google drive, which allows to reference each save made on the game profile and to link to it a sentence indicating information, which will be used on the day of the convoy to help the participants of the convoy, to understand the route to follow (example on screen)
This spreadsheet is obviously edited by our event organizer in charge of creating the game profile.
It also contains other data such as the VTCs participating in the convoy, the departure order, the different CC Trucks present on the convoy...

• Discussions with the convoy organisers and the Event Mnagament

By becoming an Event Supervisor, you will be able to develop your communication network as you will be in direct contact with all the VTCs requesting supervision.
In some cases, you will be required to contact VTC leaders (or Organisers) directly, to ask for additional information about their convoys, to ensure that you do not miss any information in the creation and preparation of the event.

The evolutions of this position :

Initially, the Event Supervisor is in training for 2 months. During this period, you will be accompanied by our Event Managers who will help you to become a good Event Supervisor, showing you how to carry out your in-game blocks properly, while respecting the rules of TruckersMP. They will also help you edit your spreadsheets and communicate with the various parties involved.
After this period, you can then become an Event Manager (in charge of managing the CC Truck team, communicating with the various Game Moderators, and in charge of the supervision calendar).

Even if you don't have any experience in the world of events, you can still try your luck, because don't forget that what we're looking for is people who are willing to invest themselves and who are motivated. As you can see, we accompany our new staffs, so that they feel as much as possible in good conditions.
Many staffs frequently join our team, so don't hesitate to join us by clicking HERE !

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